5 Best Art Deco Buildings in Miami

Posted by on 31st Dec 2015

5 Best Art Deco Buildings in Miami

Miami is a vibrant city that has loads to offer visitors. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the

world, and it is easy to see why. The city is filled with sights and attractions to make your visit an interesting

one. If you are an architect buff, you should not miss the art deco attractions here.

The Art Deco District in Miami Beach has 800 structures that are historically significant and most were built

between 1923 and 1943. It is the first 20th century neighborhood to be recognized by the National Register of

Historic Places.

Top 5 Must-See Art Deco Buildings

Walking tours are the best way to explore and discover the magic of Miami, particularly the Art Deco District.

It is here that you will find many structures in pastel shades with glass blocks, porthole windows, flags, metal

rails, sleek and shiny chrome, terrazzo floors, and more. Here is a look at 5 of the best art deco buildings here:

1. Park Central: This hotel was built in 1937 and it was where famous stars like Clark Gable, Rita

Hayworth, and Carole Lombard could be seen hanging out. It was renovated in 1987 and the first hotel

to be brought back to its majestic original splendor. Located on Ocean Drive, this is a must-see if you

are in Miami.

2. Art Deco Welcome Center: Located at 10th Street on Ocean Drive, the next must-visit is the Art Deco

Welcome Center. It is home to the Miami Design Preservation League, which was established in 1976

to preserve historical hotels and prevent them from being destroyed by developers as well as restore

them to their previous glory. You will find guided tours, books, and brochures to help you learn more

about this historical place.

3. Casa Casaurina: This building is most well-known as the former home of world-famous Italian

designer, Gianni Versace. He died on the steps of this structure when he was shot dead in 1997 by

Andrew Cunanan. Today, Casa Casaurina is an exclusive members-only private party mansion. It is

definitely worth visiting when you are in Miami.

4. Cardozo Hotel: This art deco gem was built in 1939 and is now owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan. It

is a creatively deigned structure that you should take a look at during your stay in this beautiful city. If

you are in Ocean Drive, go to Cardozo Hotel and be sure to look for the brain coral that is imbedded in

the columns and railings of this marvelous building.

5. Front Porch Café and Restaurant: As this name, this popular eatery is located on the porch of the

Penguin Hotel. You will find that most of the restaurants on Ocean Drive are nothing but tourist traps.

However, Front Porch Café and Restaurant is a great place for delicious yet cheap breakfasts. The menu

includes items like granola, pancakes, omelets, French toast and bananas and more.

Enjoy Fabulous Miami Tours

With Miami tours, you can have a memorable experience of this vibrant city’s art and culture scene. Visiting the

Art Deco District should definitely be a part of your itinerary. For the best walking tours and more information,

get in touch with us.


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