Take Miami Sightseeing Tours and See Places on Your Own Pace

Posted by on 6th Mar 2016

Take Miami Sightseeing Tours and See Places on Your Own Pace

Seeing Miami on your own or by taking a tour can be a breathtaking experience, whether you’re a first timer or

an everyday traveler. For an amazing experience, you can take Miami sightseeing tours and hop-on and hop-off

at destinations that appeal to you the most.

When in Miami, don’t always restrict yourself to a traditional tour. Instead, you may dig deeper and come up

with unique choices such as a culinary tour of Miami’s Cuban cuisine or an art expedition into Wynwood’s

promising art scene. Moreover, nature and history tours on bikes, kayaks, trams, Segways, and amphibious

vehicles are equally popular options. You may also bank on self-guided audio tours for a comprehensive look at

the city’s inimitable culture.

Miami Sightseeing Tours: Identifying the Choices

There are infinite sightseeing and professional tour choices available for vacationers who wish to get up close

and personal with Miami and its Beaches. From the sandy beaches in the east to the marshy Everglades swamps

in the west, you get the opportunity to explore Miami with the help of friendly professionals. And, if you are

keen on taking city tours of multifaceted Miami, then options like shopping excursions, eco-treks and outdoor

adventures sound interesting.

You can tour Miami by air, water or land. No matter what option you choose, you will be introduced to a

beautiful world of natural as well as man-made sights and delights. Some of the promising tour choices from

where you can make a selection include:

Tour to Everglades National Park

With more than a million acres of thick sub-tropical forests, grasslands and large swamps, it is simple to see

why people call Everglades National Park as one of the most amazing public parks in the United States. Located

on the southern tip of Florida, this park houses over a dozen of endangered species, such as the Florida Panther,

West Indian Manatee, and American Crocodile.

A huge section of Everglades is still prehistoric, and can be explored only by adventurists and researchers.

Nevertheless, the park provides great opportunities for camping, canoeing, and walking.

Visit Miami MetroZoo

A break to Miami MetroZoo allows you to interact with an array of animals from Australia, Africa, and Asia.

The park charges about $10 for kids and $14 for adults. However, it has special discounts for seniors, county

employees, military personnel, travel agents, and groups.


It goes without saying that Florida is a utopia for fishermen. From Miami to Florida Keys, Florida houses some

of the world’s best saltwater and freshwater fishing locations. And the best part is that fishing is free on some

weekends for adults. For kids, it is always free. On other days, however, fishing in Miami needs yearly fishing

license, which costs $13.50.

Miami is a city famous for its electrifying sightseeing options. For an affordable vacation, you can avoid

visiting it during its peak tourist times such as the weekends, spring break and Christmas. For affordable tours

and packages we are only a call away.


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