Sightseeing Bus Tours in Miami - The Top Destinations to Explore

Posted by on 28th Feb 2016

Sightseeing Bus Tours in Miami - The Top Destinations to Explore

Miami has all possible ingredients to make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to

laze around in the sugary beach or are interested in getting an eagle’s view of the Art Deco from Hilton Bentley,

sightseeing bus tours in Miami give you a taste of everything. Thanks to the buses’ unique deck, you can now

explore Miami’s highlights and capture its authentic essence from a different angle altogether. The incredible

South Florida climate welcomes vacationers graciously.

The live commentaries that you get to hear on these tours are an icing on the cake. The fun loving and

knowledgeable guide make sure you get all information about the Magic City and its attractions. The guides

ensure answering your queries during the trip and narrate tales about the rich heritage and culture of Miami.

The sightseeing bus tours take you to some of the emblematic zones from where you can capture the beauty of

South Beach, the liveliness of Coral Gables and the serenity of Coconut Grove. Some of the known destinations

that the tour takes you to are as follows:

Coral Gables: Hop-off from your bus and explore exquisite places such as the University of Miami, Miracle

Theater, Coral Gables Art Cinema, the Biltmore Hotel and GableStage and Venetian Pool. The tree-lined

streets, walkways and fountains are some of the best reasons why vacationers prefer visiting Coral Gables. Also

known as "The City Beautiful", it sees an increasing number of vacationers every year, preferably for its wide-

open roads and swaying banyan trees.

This tourist destination was shaped by George Edgar Merrick in the 1920s and leaves no stone unturned to

mesmerize vacationers even today. The fashionable boutiques along Coral Gables' Miracle Mile, the specialty

stores and the Coral Gables restaurants make sure you have a great time on your visit.

Little Havana: Know Miami the better way by visiting Little Havana. It Hispanic culture ranging from the

vibrant murals, well-known heroes, to the splendid monuments assures you a delightful experience on your trip.

Coconut Grove: Founded in the 1800s, Coconut Grove is an outgoing bayside village, located in urban Miami.

It’s an ancient locality of Miami and is home to a pedestrian friendly village center, famous for its galleries,

boutiques, and sidewalk cafes. For a Bohemian feel and warmth, you may visit a local café or restaurant.

South Beach: The South Beach region of Miami Beach glitters with nightclubs, cafés, and pubs. Known for its

eccentricity, it has enough reasons to keep a vacationer engaged throughout. It lures both the rich and famous

seems to be a great stopover for history admirers. While beach lovers spend a great time lazing around in the

beach, history buffs will find their share of joy at the iconic Art Deco architecture.

An Oceanside dining experience is something that you cannot afford to miss out on your trip. And ensure

adding Haulover Park to your to-visit list for a distinctive fishing, tennis, and golf enthusiast experience.

For a unique travel experience, contact us today. Choose from our sightseeing bus tours in Miami and

experience the difference.

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