Have the Best Sightseeing Experience in Miami

Posted by on 12th Mar 2016

Have the Best Sightseeing Experience in Miami

Miami is a city that has attractions and activities to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Whether you want to party the

night away in South Beach, laze around on sunny beaches with friends or family or explore the natural beauty

of Everglades National Park, the Magic City has a plethora of recreational activities for you to enjoy.

Miami sightseeing tours will show you the best of what the city has to offer – from iconic landmarks and

museums to famous beaches, parks, and gardens. Seeing the sights of this vibrant city is an incredible

experience and you are sure to have an unforgettable time here.

Explore the City’s Best

There are famous places in Miami that are a must-visit during your stay. Your sightseeing experience simply

cannot be complete without them. Here is a look at some of the places in the city that you should definitely visit

when you are here:

 South Beach – Who has not heard of South Beach? It is the quintessential Miami hot spot. From

partying to shopping, this part of Miami Beach is famous for being a trendy locale. Depending on your

personal tastes, you might enjoy spending your entire weekend touring South Beach as there are so

many exciting places to see and things to do. You can explore South Beach’s Art Deco architecture and

have an amazing time partying at the top nightclubs.

 Everglades – With 1.5 million acres of sub-tropical jungles, saw-grass prairies and swamps, Everglades

National Park is one of the most unique public parks in the US. Located on the southern tip of the

Sunshine State, it is home to 14 rare and endangered wildlife species, including the Florida panther,

American crocodile and the West Indian manatee. Although a major portion of the Everglades National

Park is wild and only visited by researchers and adventurists, there are places that give you an exciting

opportunity to canoe, camp, and explore its amazing ecosystem.

 The Miami Seaquarium – Seaquarium is located smack in the heart of the tourist area, on the causeway

between Key Biscayne and Downtown Miami. It is an incredible stop where you can have an amazing

outdoor aquarium experience that you can only enjoy in the tropical climate here. Make sure that you

make enough time to spend half a day at the Seaquarium because a couple hours will not do!

 Zoo Miami – Miami sightseeing tours just cannot be complete without a visit to Zoo Miami. It is

growing to be one of the best zoos in the country. Due to the unique climate here, you will find a wide

variety of animals from countries like Australia, Asia and Africa unlike other zoos in the US. One of

the nation’s first free-range zoos, the animals are all kept cage-free here. Animals at Zoo Miami are

grouped according to their geographic territory and animals that live together in peace in the wild are

placed together in exhibits.

 Hit the beach – How can you not visit the beaches that Miami is so famous for when you are here? The

beaches in this beautiful city offer great opportunities for you to enjoy some sun and sand or get some

exercise. There are many fantastic beaches that you can explore, including some that are lesser-used so

that you can avoid the tourist crowd.

See the Amazing Sights of Miami

When you are in the Magic City, there are many exciting attractions that you can enjoy. Miami sightseeing tours

are designed to show you the best that the city has to offer. Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, it is a

guarantee that you will have an unforgettable time here. For the best tours and packages, get in touch with us.


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