A Short Guide to Miami

Posted by on 2nd Jan 2016

A Short Guide to Miami

Miami is known for many things, which is not surprising why it is the hottest holiday spot in the Sunshine State.

From warm, friendly local to South Beach, dinner cruises, sunset cruises, parties, nightclubs, and art, Miami

sure packs a punch. It’s a wonderful place to vacation although it may not be one of the cheapest cities.

Many come here to relax on its pristine beaches, eat some amazing food thanks to its potpourri of cultures, and

to party hard at SoBe’s clubs. Then again, there’s plenty of opportunity for snorkeling and other water sports

like scuba diving that allows for close encounter with marine life.

Typical food/accommodation/transport costs

When it comes to accommodation, Miami’s hostels are among the cheapest where you could expect to spend

around $20 to $30 for a dorm while a private double room could cost around $120 or more. Freehand Miami

offers dormitory-style beds from $39-42 per person. The Clay Hotel, a historic Spanish-style inn has double

rooms from $88 while you could expect to pay around $55 for a double room at the Shalimar Hotel in the

burgeoning MiMo district.

There is no dearth of places to eat in Miami where a meal at South Beach could cost at least $20. However,

further away you could eat at half the price with tons of fast food for $5. Little Havana is the place for Cuban

sandwiches and other delicious food for less than $10.

The cheapest way to get to South Beach from the airport is by public transport that includes the bus or metro

rail that costs around $2. Metrobuses run throughout Miami-Dade County while the Miami Metrorail system is

easy to navigate.

Save on package deals

Miami tours are more affordable if you consider package deals. This could include flights, hotels, and

sightseeing tours. Make sure to sign up for deal alerts, which is one of the easiest ways to stretch your dollars to

the max. In addition, a Go Miami Card can help you save a fantastic deal if you want to cover most of Miami’s


What to do in Miami

While everyone recommends South Beach and its trendy shops and bars, there’s much more to do apart from

this quintessential experience. Everglades Tours is definitely something you ought to add to your itinerary.

Everglades National Park is one of the most unique parks with acres of prairies, swamps, and sub-tropical

jungles that lets you get up close with nature. The park is home to several endangered that includes the Florida

Panther and American Crocodile.

You may want to check out Miami’s Art Deco attractions on an underworld tour that will include former dens

of gangsters like Al Capone. The Art Deco District is home to many buildings from the 1920s that are worth

visiting for their architecture. You could stop by Vizcaya Museum for a glimpse of life in South Florida at the

turn of the century.

Then again, there is so much to do. From checking out Coral Gables to clubbing, and exploring the Florida

Keys, you can enjoy a vacation of a lifetime. Our tour planners would love to help. All it takes is a call or email

to get them to recommend the best package to suit your budget and style.


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