City Sightseeing Tour - The Varied Choices

Posted by on 1st Jan 2016

City Sightseeing Tour - The Varied Choices

Get inspired with Miami and its delightful attractions. Noted for its exquisite tourist treasures, the Magic City

has every ingredient to keep tourists hooked on. Whether you’ve planned for a leisure tour or are interested in a

romantic escapade, Miami is the best choice ever. Take a City Sightseeing Tour, and explore some of its

beautiful attractions like:

Zoo Miami

Home to more than 2,000 wild animals in a cage-less environment, Zoo Miami gives these wild animals similar

environ as they would expect in their natural setting. Start with an open-air show and enjoy endangered species

from a safe yet close range. It is the only zoo in continental United States and is noted for its subtropical

climate. It isn’t too big in size, yet it is a favorite among family vacationers. Not only animals, the zoo also has

a great collection of plants, orchids, and trees.

Jungle Island

It is a well-known bird sanctuary, botanical garden and wildlife habitat. This tropical forest houses more than

1,100 birds and you can witness some of their outstanding shows on your visit. The garden has over 2,000

varieties of interesting plants including Heliconias, bananas, orchids, and bromeliads. And if you share a

passion for wildlife, then the Jungle Island will not disappoint you either. You may spot a variety of animals

such as, tortoises, baboons, tigers, alligators, flamingoes, orangutans and monkeys.

Miami Seaquarium

A prominent family attraction for long, the Miami Seaquarium hosts routine shows featuring dolphins, killer

whales, seals and other ocean inhabitants. You can also head to the observation tank to spot endangered sharks,

tropical fish and alligators.

When in Miami you have something for everybody. For instance, if you are an adventure seeker, then the city

has several choices to match your needs. You may go for exciting flyboard and boat rides, enthralling mountain

biking expeditions and exhilarating wildlife encounters. On the other hand, if it’s an air adventure that

fascinates you the most, you can ride a seaplane, helicopter or seaplane and get a bird’s eye view of Miami and

its special beaches.

Alligator Watching

Alligators are a must watch for thrill seekers. And if you cannot think beyond alligators on your sightseeing

tour, then nothing seems a better choice than Everglades National Park. Try taking an exciting airboat tour to

get an up-close of the alligators. You may also visit the alligator farm to find more of these species. An

expedition to the Everglades allows you to see and feed alligators.

Activities for Water-Lovers

Your sightseeing trip is incomplete if you haven’t enjoyed a boat ride in Miami. Board a comfortable catamaran

and make your way to Fisher Island, South Beach, Miami’s Gold Coast and Key Biscayne. And when the

catamaran takes speed, you can feel the sudden gush of air on your face.

While water-lovers have a wide range of activities to explore, the joys for air-adventure lovers are no less.

Whether you want to pilot your own plane or are a passenger, you can have a good time up in the air. All you

need to do is to take a plane tour and see the stately Art Deco mansions or the skyscrapers in downtown Miami

from above.

No matter for what time you are here in Miami, the Magic City has everything to match your traveling desires.

Get in touch today and choose from our exciting tours and packages.

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