Double Decker Tour at Your Disposal

Posted by on 18th Dec 2015

Double Decker Tour at Your Disposal

Explore Miami, its sugary beaches and unique neighborhoods on a double decker tour. Double decker tours are

an ideal way to get around the city and discover its mystical charm. Depending on how long you stay in Miami,

you can tour the most famous sites such as Little Havana and South Beach. For a comprehensive Miami

experience, make sure to take a Miami double decker tour and experience the difference.

Why Double Decker Tours are in Demand

 Miami hop-on hop-off bus tour, i.e. you can get down at any point of interest that intrigues you the most

 Experience the liberty of exploring Miami on your own pace, i.e. it is you who will decide what to see

and when to see

 Visit Little Havana, South Beach, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove and take back fond memories from

your vacation

 Enjoy on-board live and informative commentary

 See unmatched views from your open-top double decker bus

 You can choose either a 24 hour pas or a 48 hour pass and visit places depending on the validity of your


What to Expect on a Miami Bus Tour

If you want to see the best attractions in Miami and are aiming for a comfortable travel on a simultaneous note,

then a double decker tour seems to be your option. The tour acquaints you with the celebrity intrigue, cultural

heritage, international flavor, diverse neighborhoods, rich history and natural wonders of Miami. With

architecture, art, shopping and diverse dining choices at every stopover, the tour shows you the best of Miami’s


You can tour around the Miami Beach or along Ocean Drive on the Beach Loop tour. On the other hand, you

can explore the districts and neighborhoods of mainland Magic City on the City Loop tour. Each loop is

accompanied by a live commentary. Moreover, you have about one hour to explore the charismatic beauty of


And if you want to enjoy both land and water activities, then you can take a 90 minute Biscayne Bay Cruise

along with a double decker tour. During this cruise, you can see the city skyline, Miami Beach and Fisher Island

as well as the port of Miami’s cruise ship and cargo areas. And you can also take a stroll by the rich and famous

including Shaquille O'Neal, Gloria Estefan, Diddy, Rosie O, and many more. Once done with the water

activities, re-board another bus to continue with your journey.

The prominent stopovers for hop-on hop-off tours are the Central Station in Downtown Miami, South Beach

and Coconut Grove. Tours generally depart at intervals of 15 minutes-45 minutes; hence you don’t need to

make prior reservations.

Miami-the Magic City is a dream holidaying destination for many. People love coming to the Magic City for its

bright climate, effervescent entertainment centers, sandy beaches, natural wonders, multihued aquatic life, and

loads more.

If you have always dreamt of touring Miami, but then, don’t have a strong budget, then a double decker tour

seems to be a great choice. And for promising tours and packages, we are only a call away. Choose from our

diverse packages and see Miami from a different perspective.

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