​Miami Tours - Attractions for Every Type of Tourist

Posted by on 27th Jan 2015

Miami SightseeingTours - Attractions for Every Type of Tourist

The city of Miami is located in the southern area of Florida. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the world (even for terrorists who want to blow up airplanes – just go ask Casino Royale). Every year, millions of travelers come to Miami to revel in the near perfect weather, the pristine sandy beaches, the calm blue waters, and the diverse Miami attractions. Tourists can go for a Miami bus tour and check out the sights and sounds of the city. You can also contact ‘halfpricetourtickets’ or visit their website www.halfpricetourtickets.com to avail of discounted Miami bus tours.

Miami is home to a number of tourist attractions which will appeal to every kind of traveler. Some of the varied tourist spots that can be explored via a Miami bus tour are listed below:

1. The Art and Culture in Miami

Art lovers will be delighted with a vacation in Miami. The city has a very vibrant arts and culture scene and is home to numerous performance arts centers, art galleries, museums, and theaters. In fact an entire district, called Wynwood Art District, is dedicated to the arts. A bus tour will cover almost all the museums in Miami, including the Frost Museum, the Miami Children’s Museum, HistoryMiami, and others. Tourists can also catch a production by the Florida Grand Opera at the Adrienne Arsht Center. Tourists who do not have tickets for a show should still visit this magnificent center to marvel at the amazing architecture.

2. The Sports Scene in Miami

Miami is the home of the Miami Heat of the NBA, as well as the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Marlins. There are several modern sports arenas situated in the city. Almost all of them are covered during the bus tour. Sports fans will be thrilled with a visit to these magnificent stadiums. If you are able to get tickets for a game, then do not miss it. This Miami excursion is a great way to spend some fun time with family and friends.

3. The different Beaches of Miami

Miami is home to several gorgeous beaches. If a bus tour is not sufficient for you, then you can charter a bus and visit the different beaches in the city. A Miami city tour will remain incomplete without the beach tours. One of the most popular beaches is the Lummus Park Beach. It may be noted that despite its popularity the beach is never too crowded. Hence, tourists can easily find beds and get a beautiful tan. The sand is soft on the feet and the water is crystal clear. Thus, you can go for an amble or a jog along the beach, or dive into the waters and refresh yourself with an enjoyable swimming session. The most amazing thing about this place is that you can sunbathe topless without being the subject of unwanted attention.

4. The Everglades Tour

Adventure seekers will be thrilled with a tour of the Florida Everglades. A bus tour includes a stopover at the Everglades National Park. Tourists can enjoy a variety of wilderness adventures at this park, including the thrilling Miami airboat tour. You only live once, you may as well enjoy it!

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