Sightseeing Tours in Miami | Miami Sightseeing Bus Tours

Posted by on 9th Dec 2015

Sightseeing Tours in Miami | Miami Sightseeing Bus Tours

Planning a Vacation? Plan a Trip to Miami

Miami is all about elegance, attraction, & an international outlook. Located on the southern side of Atlantic

coast of Florida, it is a portrait of sunny and pleasant weather throughout the year. Miami is nothing but a

combination made from a healthy dose of Latin America with a twist of Caribbean, a little bit of Africa and a

touch of Europe and Asia.

All this makes Miami even more alluring for every type of traveler. It doesn’t matter if you are a footloose and

fancy free backpacker, a couple looking for the perfect romantic rendezvous or a family seeking an ideal

vacation, the city has something for everyone.

Best time to visit

If you are planning a vacation in Miami, then May to June is the best time for a Miami Tour. The weather

during this time is quite pleasant and would tempt you to stay outdoors.

Things you must do & see

Taking a Miami Tour would mean enjoying the natural beauty of the city with the breath-taking views &

cultures that entice you to stay for good. Though it goes without a saying that Miami is all about taking sunbath

and swimming on the beaches but the city is also popular for its architectural past and exciting art scenes. Do

ensure to visit some of the top listed places below to make your trip a memorable one.

 South Beach – on the southern end of the Miami Beach is the south beach. It is one of the most popular

sections of Miami where u would find the maximum tourists as the most popular Art Deco Buildings

line on the waterfront of the beach.

 Art Deco District– This place is famous for its Art Deco Buildings of 1930’s. Covered in pastels, you

are sure to have an eye candy view like the ocean view.

 Ocean Drive – If you like walking on the street during the night, then Ocean Drive is “the” place to be

when you are in Miami. It runs along the front side of the Miami Beach, from the Art Deco District to

the sands strip of South Beach.

 Bayside Marketplace – Situated on the waterfront of the Miami’s beach, this place is a treat for people

who love shopping. This mall has some renowned stores with numerous eating joints and live


 Viscaya Museum & Gardens – Viscaya which was once a home for James Deering in the 20th century

is now a tourist place for art lovers. With its lush green gardens and exotic grandeur of buildings, it is

definitely a place worth visiting.

 Little Havana – Little Havana is the Cuban district of Miami. Calle Ocho is the main street running

through the area where you can find restaurants with food shops selling Cuban specialities. Also, you

can find a hint of Latin music in the air.

Apart from these there are national parks, theme parks, Miami Seaquarium, zoos, and many more places that

you can visit during your Miami tour.

Things you need to know…

Since Miami is an admired travel destination, it is well connected with other parts of the world via Air. For

people residing in the US, they can rent a car if they are not able to afford airlines and still want to visit the

place. There are budget airlines as well that can give you a good bargain sometimes. Also, for moving in the

city, there is metro rail & metro bus for public to roam around.

To wrap it up, Miami is a city with a good feel during both day and night. It is like being on a vacation every

day. To live that experience all you need is to call or email right away. We can help create an awesome package

to best suit your style and needs.

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