Things to do in Downtown Miami on your Miami Sightseeing Tours

Posted by on 22nd Dec 2015

Things to do in Downtown Miami while on your Miami Sightseeing Tours

Miami Sightseeing Tours

Everyone knows that you need to pay a visit to South Beach and Bayside market place when you holiday in

Miami. These places are marketed abundantly to tourists, but that isn’t all what the city is about. Here are some

things you can do in Miami that are not forced down the throats of potential tourists, but are all highly enjoyable

experiences. You will find several operators that offer some interesting Miami sightseeing tours but you could

always go it on your own.

Stroll down the riverside

A walk in front of Bayfront park is going to be one of the most scenic and picturesque walk you would have

ever taken. The view is breath taking and provides for most peaceful and refreshing day time stroll. You need to

go towards bay which is located just after hard rock café and you Biscayne Bay will reveal its full and beautiful

self to you.

The walk will also be a highly educative one as you will get to see some unbelievable works of art. You may

also be treated to some really talented performers putting on street shows. The art on display includes a

sculpture by sculptor Edouard Duval Carrie and also some incredible wall paintings by the likes of Glexis


Get a bird’s eye view of Miami

There are many great ways to explore Miami and see Miami but there is nothing like the Miami Metromover. It

is Miami’s lightrail and it is doesn’t cost a dime to ride it. It does three circuits, namely, Omni, Downtown, and


The Omni route goes till the northern border and you get to see the Miami Herald and Adrienne Arsht Center

for the performing arts on the way there.

If you choose the downtown road then downtown is exactly where you are headed. You will come both

business district and shopping district.

The Brickell route will take you up to the southern borders of Miami.

Learn about the Miami culture

Miami Double Decker Tours are highly informative and could turn out to be a great learning experience and

will give you a cultural insight into Miami. There are literally hundreds of art galleries and museums in Miami

that are all highly educative and you can spend anywhere from a day to a whole life time exploring them and

learning about the rich history and background of Miami and it’s beautiful culture.

Have a riverfront lunch

There are many fine dining restaurants that dish up delicious meals in Miami and you can have each meal at a

different place to rate them for yourself, but one place you have to go to at least once while at Miami is Garcia’s

seafood grille and fish market. It is a riverfront restaurant that oozes of tranquility. They food is also is

absolutely top notch and their fish is as fresh as it can get.

There are many more unsung activities in Miami that are affordable, amazing and fun. Stay tuned to this space

for more insider information on vacationing in Miami or give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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