Travel in Style in a Double Decker Bus Tour

Posted by on 10th Dec 2015

Travel in Style in a Double Decker Bus Tour

Bus tours have their own charm. You will learn all about Miami and its rich history while enjoying an amazing

view of the city from atop of a double decker bus. And the best part about the double decker tour is that you can

hop off and on the bus to self-explore the downtown districts.

Why you should take a Miami Double Decker tour?

Some of the top reasons why you should be taking a double decker tour are as follows:

o You get the best views of Miami from the upper deck of the bus

o It is an amazing picture where you can take photographs

o You’ll get the opportunity to interact with individuals on the upper deck

o See and learn more about Miami by self-exploring Miami’s top attractions

Spend the entire day getting to know Miami

Whether you want to hop off and enjoy lunch at one of Miami’s great restaurants or wish to see the exceptional

beauty of the Magic city, Miami tours will give you a taste of everything. Double decker tours show you

attractions that you may have never seen before. Moreover, each tour is accompanied by a tour guide and

driver. With Miami’s best tour guides, you know that your experience is interesting and fun.

Why take a double decker bus tour?

Know about historic Miami on your double decker tour. The guided and humorous tour of Miami showcases

some of the famous areas for sightseeing, shipping, and entertainment. And don’t forget to listen to the

experienced tour guides as they will narrate about the Magic City and its incredible attractions.

Your trip is exclusively yours. Whether you love taking a stroll by the marketplace or wish to grab a table at a

luxury café, double decker tours are there to consider your needs. It is true that you will be offered a trip

itinerary and direction; but then, at the end of the day it is you who will determine where to go and what to see.

In fact, the professional tour planners will sit with you, note down your preferences and then prepare a custom

tour plan depending on your taste.

What to See

Some of the places that the tour takes you to are as follows:

 The Art Deco District: Art Deco District is the nation's largest 20th Century National Register Historic

District. The locale is home to more than 800 historic apartments that were constructed during the

1920s, 30s, and 40s. It is home to different architectural styles that are worth exploring. You may take

walking, bicycle and private group tours to see the artistic treasures.

 Coconut Grove: Coconut Grove is one of the ancient neighborhoods in Miami. You may hop-off from

your bus, take a bike tour or walk through its backstreets to explore its magnificent old oaks, palm trees

and hot pink bougainvillea that cling to the white fences.

 Little Havana: Explore the vivacious Cuban neighborhood of Little Havana and get soaked in its

beauty. The destination houses some of the best landmarks like Calle Ocho.

Plan a double decker tour with us and tour places that you have never seen before.

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