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Learn More on a Miami Sightseeing Bus Tour

Posted by on 12th Apr 2016

Learn More on a Miami Sightseeing Bus Tour

There is nothing sadder than someone or some people coming to Miami and not getting the most out of it. There

is nothing more depressing than someone who thinks they know it all and so they do not take a tour. We want

everyone in Miami and visiting Miami to be proud and to have a terrific time in this one of a kind city.

Known for its white sugary beaches, incredible Art Deco buildings and ultra-modern culture; Miami

is everybody’s dream destination. And to explore the city, a bus tour seems to be a perfect choice. Miami

Sightseeing bus tours ensure that you don't miss out anything on your vacation. Make your reservations soon

and explore the vivacious attractions of Miami at assured lowest prices.

Why Take Miami Sightseeing Bus Tours?

If you want to explore Miami attractions at leisure, then a sightseeing bus tour can help. They are a distinctive

way to see some of the best attractions that the Magic City is home to. The proficient tour guides take you to

places that you may have never seen before. Besides, you can also visit the known and legendary destinations

like Coconut Grove, South Beach, the Financial District, Downtown Miami, Little Havana, and Coral Gables.

The hop-on hop-off facility adds galore to your bus tour as you get the freedom to see places on your own pace.

All you need to do is get down from the bus at a place that peaks your interest and spend as much time you want

to. And don’t forget to carry your camera along so that you can capture memorable moments from your trip.

The impressive views that you find en route is an icing on the cake.

Budget is another factor why you should be taking this tour. If you do not want to expunge much on your

vacation, and don’t want to compromise on the sightseeing part too, then a bus tour seems to your perfect


What to See

Bus tours take you to architectural wonders, sandy beaches, historical mansions and more. Some of the

prominent places that you can see on this tour are as follows:

 The Art Deco District: The ancient Art Deco District is one of the best attractions in Miami. Hop-off

from your bus and make your way to some of the amazing buildings including Waldorf Towers, Colony

and Crescent hotels on Ocean Drive. You may also take a leisurely stroll by the boutiques and cafeterias

of Lincoln Road, Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive.

 Coconut Grove: Coconut Grove introduces to you the very charming Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

The moment you step into the museum, you’ll be reminded of a 16th century Italian villa.

 Little Havana: Tantalize your taste buds with authentic Miami flavors. Calle Ocho in Little Havana is

a unique place to try the lip smacking syrupy ‘cafecito’. In fact, this place is known more for its cultural

flavor than its wealth of tourist attractions. There are specialty food shops, restaurants, and melodious

Latin music drifting through the sweet air. And if you are interested in people watching, then this place

will not disappoint you either. There are several open air areas where people assemble to socialize.

Miami Sightseeing Bus Tours are a flawless choice for budget vacationers. If you too are interested in a budget

travel, then head for bus tours. Our tours and packages are best in the industry and will help you grab a pleasant


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