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Key West Tours: A Perfect Choice for Honeymooning Couples

Posted by on 18th Jun 2015

Key West believes in the mantra ‘live and let live’! Free spirited, scenic, artistic are only some of the words to

define this unique place in the United States. If an inimitable vacation is on your cards sometime soon, then

make sure to plan for Key West tours. With tropical climate as an add-on, this small island welcomes tourists

across the year. It’s an ideal place where you can discover yourself, re-invent yourself, and above all be


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Key West makes a good choice for its tranquility, adventurous

activities, and nature parks. Some of the best attractions that you cannot afford to miss on your Key West Tours

are as follows:

A Romantic Get Away to the Key West Islands

Take back pleasant memories from your honeymoon! The island gateway is an astounding tour for couples and

gives them a wealth of opportunities to get closer. Here you will be taken to a secluded beach setting or island

for a full day. Spend a relaxed day with your partner and have fun in the sun.

It’s a memorable vacation excursion that helps you create memories of a lifetime. Further, the trip takes you to

remote islands in the back country where you can enjoy splashes of the refreshing water. Go kayaking, rafting,

or snorkeling with your partner and you’ll certainly cherish the moments. For a perfect end to your day long

trip, you’ll be provided with complimentary drinks and an awesome lunch.

Romancing in the Cruises

It's an implausible experience to see the sunset in Key West from a boat, but seeing it from a sailboat and that

too with your partner is a romantic experience that you will only appreciate if you've done it yourself. Relive the

charm and romance of an evening by the sea, away from the crowds. The cruises are exclusively designed to

assure maximum comfort. With a lavish setting, live music at the background, and scrumptious dinner served at

the table, you will treasure this mesmerizing sail forever.

Shark Adventure: Nothing can Beat It

Key West will not disappoint anybody! Couples with an eye for thrill will love their intimate encounter with the

sharks. On these Key West tours, you make a move to the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll be guided by the tour experts

who lure the sharks close to the boat so that you can have a fun time watching them. Indulge in the fun and thrill

and experience the difference!

Get a Bird Eye’s View of Key West with Aeroplane Tours

One of the rarest but immensely impressive of Key West tours are its aeroplane tours. The tours can

accommodate up to 4 passengers and gives you a striking bird’s eye view of the Island and its surroundings.

There can be nothing more pleasing than seeing a mesmerizing destination from such a view point. You don’t

have to worry about much during these tours as the pilots hold valuable experience and know the area well.

Your honeymoon is a one-time affair; hence leave no stone unturned to make it memorable! Plan for Key West

tours and you won’t repent your decision!

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