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Enjoy a Fantastic Ferry Ride from Miami to Key West

Posted by on 18th Jun 2015

This summer, plan a tour to Key West, the Caribbean Paradise of America! While the most common options to

get into Key West is through shuttle, bus, car and plane, one rare choice that people often forget is a joyful ferry

ride! High speed ferries or boats are a good way to reach Key West from Miami. Climb aboard an air-

conditioned and clean ferry and give air to your dream tour.

You can catch a Miami to Key West ferry from any of the prominent ports. Step into the ferry and you’ll be

welcome warmly by the full service marinas. You’ll be amazed to see how these ferries are well equipped with

snack bar, sundecks, and big TV screens.

Why choose a ferry ride from Miami to Key West?

One of the prime reasons why you should take a ferry ride from Miami to Key West is to avoid traffic. If you

take a car or bus ride then you’ll have to devote about three to four hours to reach Key West. The time nearly

doubles if there’s a traffic jam. Instead, you can take a ferry to reach Key West at a much lesser turnaround

time. It would cost a bit more than a bus tour, but then not as much as you would have invested in your plane

fare. Besides, the coastal scenery that you find en route is simply breathtaking.

Traveling to Key West via ferry

Unleash the Magical Charm of the Journey

The ferry ride will take approximately three hours to take you to Key West. The time invested is certainly less

when compared to what it would have taken to reach the destination via a car or bus.

Another advantage that you get on a Miami to Key West ferry ride is that you can carry your pet (in a standard

kennel) or bring along your bike. The latter is perhaps one of the most favored means of transportation that you

have in Key West. If you don’t have your own bike or are reluctant to carry it, then doesn’t matter! You can rent

a bike in Key West and tour the surrounding attractions. And there is nothing wrong with picking up a little

exercise as well.

What other sea transportation choices are available to tourists?

If you don’t mind being extravagant on your Miami to Key West tour, then you can make your bookings in the

cruise ships as well. Generally, these ships will debark at Mallory Square and provide sufficient time to tour the

major points of interest like the museum, aquarium, Duval Street, and Ernest Hemingway’s home.

Travel in your own boat

If you aren’t keen on taking the Miami to Key West ferry ride, then you can travel in your own boat as well.

This goes for all experienced sailors and people who have their personal boats and are confident about an

adventurous sail to the waters of Key West.

Water transmutations have their own charm. So, why look for options? Choose a ferry, cruise, or boat as per

your convenience and make your travel from Miami to Key West an unforgettable experience!

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