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Miami Hop On Hop Off Tours for Your Enjoyment

Posted by on 7th Feb 2016

Miami Hop On Hop Off Tours for Your Enjoyment

You can enjoy the beauty of Miami from a different point of view – from atop a double decker bus. From

Miami Beach to Little Havana and all the amazing places in between, you can explore the magnificent urban

and tropical landscape of this vibrant city.

Miami double decker bus tours offer a unique way to see the city’s sights and consist of two loops – Beach

Route and City Route – with over 25 stops along the way. You can hop on and off at any one of these stops. For

the best tour of Magic City, nothing beats Hop On Hop Off Miami tours.

Beach Route

You can explore the fabulous views of the Miami skyline with the beach route. When you get on the open-top

bus, you get a great platform from where you can see candy-colored Art Deco buildings and drive along the

famous South Beach and Ocean Drive. With more than 13 stops along the way, you can hop off your bus to

enjoy your favorite past time, whether it is shopping at Lincoln Road Mall, enjoying a refreshing drink in one of

many establishments along Ocean Drive or relaxing on one of the world-famous beaches of the city.

Places of interest – South Beach, Star Island, Biscayne Bay, Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, Holocaust Memorial

Museum, Fontainebleau Hotel, Freedom Tower, Española Way, and many more.

City Route

When you go on the city route, you get to explore the business district of Downtown Miami and travel along

Biscayne Bay. You stop along the way to admire the Science Museum and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

before you travel to Coconut Grove. Known as a Bohemian village in the past and still home to many festivals,

Coconut Grove was a haven for writers, artists and radicals.

To this day, you can still feel its zany energy and charm. Next, you wind through splendid Coral Gables where

you will find million dollar mansions that sit in lush, well-manicured gardens and then continue through Little

Havana, known for domino players and Cuban cafés. When you go on the city loop, you will see a full spectrum

of Miami with areas that are rich in culture and rich in money.

Places of interest – Bayside Marketplace, Downtown Miami, Brickell Avenue, Bay Front Park, Vizcaya

Museum, Science Museum, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove and Little Havana.

Have an Adventure with Double Decker Tours

With so many stops, it is only natural that you will want to stay a little longer in some spots to explore them a

little longer. With Hop On Hop Off Miami tours, you can enjoy what interests you for a longer time, take

photos, shop or just relax and people watch at a sidewalk café. Once you are satisfied, you can hop on another

bus that comes along and continue your sightseeing adventure.

Touring Miami is always exciting because you get a plethora of attractions and activities to enjoy. You can have

a great time seeing everything from world-famous beaches to exclusive boutiques to fascinating museums. For

more information on the best tours and packages, get in touch with us.

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